The surroundings of the Cyklocamp under Landštejn

… or where to go for sport, culture and history

The Czech Canada region, where the Cyklocamp pod Landštejnem is located, offers unexpected places full of natural beauty unspoiled by mass tourism. You will also find historical and cultural objects and many opportunities for active recreation. Cyclists will find a true biking paradise here.

Landštejn castle

The first written record about Landštejn castle dates back to 1231. Probably the first owner of the castle was Hartlieb from Landštejn, most likely a Moravian nobleman in the service of the Přemyslid family from 1222 to 1236. Even though it has been abandoned for more than 200 years and has deteriorated considerably, the castle, or rather the ruins of it, will attract your attention and wins the hearts of many visitors. The history of our country has passed through these regions. The castle on the Czech-Moravian-Austrian border no longer has a strategic location but you will definitely be surprised by its size and location in the middle of the Czech Canada forests …

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Narrow-gauge railway and steam locomotive – the Jindřichův Hradec railwayy

There is almost a fairytale atmosphere at the narrow-gauge railway station. A couple of decommissioned passenger and freight railroad cars are standing here, waiting for their train. Among them is a passenger train with a locomotive and one car standing by the platform being slowly boarded by passengers. Suddenly the loudspeakers announce: “The train standing by the narrow-gauge railway station in front of the railway station is the Jindřichův Hradec local railways passenger train for Lovětín, Nová Včelnice, Kamenice nad Lipou, Chválkov, Černovice, Křeče, and Obrataň.” A clear signal that the train is about to leave ...

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Have you ever seen a real steam locomotive? Have you ever traveled on a steam train? If not, then you can ride one of our regular steam trains that we operate during the summer season. Trains are pulled by one of our steam locomotives that were in use from 1898-1958. There is a special program on some of the rides. The train includes a dining car...

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The Kaproun station
The Kaproun railway station is surrounded by woods and it is one of the most romantic stations in the country. You can get there by narrow-gauge train from Jindřichův Hradec. The station is also mentioned in tourist guides because not only can you admire the beautiful countryside but also a statue and plaque to the fictional explorer and inventor Jára Cimrman. Reportedly he was forced to get off the train here.
“In 1900 the Czech intellectual giant Jára Cimrman traveled from Vienna to Prague for the premiere of his play Silent Bobeš and due to a number of mishaps he got stuck in Gmünd in Lower Austria he later traveled by the first morning train departing from Jindřichův Hradec around 2:30 a.m. He had run out of money, so he traveled without a ticket and because of that he pretended that he was sleeping. But the train crew, when checking the tickets, lost their patience with the passenger without a ticket, the train was stopped at kilometer 22.3 in deep forests and Cimrman was forced to leave the train. When the train was departing, Cimrman with a severed brake hose in his hand shouted: ‘That’s the top!’ (A Czech idiom meaning: ‘I have had enough!’) Therefore, the Kaproun station is the top Czech station and during the summer season a summit register is available here.”

Outdoor swimming pool

Just 200 metres from the camp is a very popular outdoor swimming pool with unbelievably clear water where we once saw a small crayfish... It is an excellent place to cool down on a hot day.

Military bunkers from between the Wars

In the vicinity of the Cyklocamp there is a pre-war fortification line. It has a long line of well-preserved pillboxes (smaller bunkers), some of which are open to the public. Military history enthusiasts have changed some of the pillboxes into museums that you can visit. More information can be found on these websites,,, The incredible effort and excellent results of volunteers who worked on preserving these fortifications and created one of the finest museums in the Czech Republic are described at the website

Landštejn Rope Climbing Center

The nearby rope climbing center (just above the camp) is a unique place in the unspoiled nature of Czech Canada and promises a fantastic experience. Visitors will enjoy the high rope obstacles but there are also low rope obstacles suitable for children from 5 and older.

The center is open for individuals as well as for group activities for schools, companies, etc. A ticket from Landštejn castle or from one of the Jindřichův Hradec local railways gives you a discount!

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In-line skating track

Close to the Cyklocamp there is an in-line and roller ski trail leading from Staré Město pod Landštejnem to the Landštejn dam.

Buffalo farm

Just a few kilometers from the Cyklocamp pod Landštejnem there is a buffalo farm. It is a place where you and your kids can see animals that you are unlikely to meet anywhere else.

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Staré Město pod Landštejnem

The nearest village is Staré Město pod Landštejnem. It is located on the border of Bohemia, Moravia and Austria, in the Nová Bystřice highlands of Southern Bohemia. This region of rugged beauty and unspoiled nature has been nicknamed Czech Canada, and rightly so. The southern part of the village borders with Austria. The village is focused mainly on agriculture, forestry and tourism. There is a large network of hiking, biking and winter cross-country skiing trails in the surroundings. Landštejn castle is also a favorite destination for many visitors…

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Jindřichův Hradec – the town and chateau

Population: about 23,000 inhabitants
Watercourses: Nežárka river and Hamerský creek
Vajgar recreational pond: 49 ha
The town’s cultural and historical monuments: the state castle and chateau, the Museum of the Jindřichův Hradec region, the Museum of Photography and Modern Visual Media, the Provost Church of the Assumption, , the Mary Magdalene Chapel, the Church of John the Baptist with the Minorite monastery, the Holy Trinity Church, St. Catherine’s Church, St. James’Church with the Černín Tomb, St. Wenceslas’Church, an urban conservation area, the town houses on the main square of Jindřichův Hradec.

Other interesting places in the town: Jan Marek Ice-hockey Arena; the Garden CenterTyrš Stadium; football, tennis and volleyball courts; indoor and outdoor swimming pools;

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Nová Bystřice

The town of Nová Bystřice is located in the southern part of the Jindřichův Hradec district near the border with Austria. Less than 2 km from the town is the Nová Bystřice - Grametten border crossing and 5 km from the town lies the northernmost point of Austria. The town’s administrative area includes the settlements of Albeř, Altoleč, Blato, Hradiště, Hůrky, Klášter I, Klášter II, Klenová, Mýtinky, Nový Vojířov, Senotín, Skalka, and Smrčná. Together with these settlements, the town has 3,400 inhabitants. It is located at an altitude of 590 m. The Nová Bystřice region is an area on the border of Bohemia, Moravia and Lower Austria. There is an abundance of forests, lakes and ponds, diverse and largely untouched nature with a sparse population. You may have heard that this region has been called Czech Canada. This is partly due to its rough climate, especially during the winter months. This attractive area offers many possibilities for spending a quiet vacation at any time of the year and it is also an ideal place for many wonderful trips. There is a dense network of bike trails, all of which connect to the backbone bicycle route Greenways Prague - Vienna. Those of you who prefer hiking trips will appreciate the local nature trails, some of which are connected to Austria. This area is also great for swimming, fishing, mushroom picking, berry picking etc... We also have something to offer to winter sports enthusiasts, for example cross-country skiing trails and a ski slope in Hradiště with artificial snow. Directly in the town you can use the sports hall, a newly built multifunctional sports ground with miniature golf, a fully automated four-lane bowling alley, a tennis court... We should also mention the publicly accessible golf course and a unique technical monument – the 33 km long narrow-gauge railway from Nová Bystřice to Jindřichův Hradec.

The Museum of American pre-war cars in Bohemia.
It is the first and largest museum of American pre-war cars in Bohemia. Few premises are as suitable for a stroll through history as an old industrial textile factory. The technical aspect of the exposition blends with the architecture of the factory and it is more than easy to imagine that you are living in the times that the museum represents... Welcome to when cars made their first steps, times of prosperity and huge car bodies, the era of huge engines and extra powerful, legendary machines. The museum in Nová Bystřice offers you a journey through time, a retrospective view of the past in an effort to capture the immense leap that humans have made in this field over the last hundred years.

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Slavonice town

Slavonice is a small town located on the eastern edge of Czech Canada. At present, Slavonice and adjacent villages have about 2,700 residents. Slavonice presents a beautiful and unique set of Gothic and Renaissance monuments...
Slavonice has a number of museums, for example, the Municipal Museum or the Museum of Natural Wood Art.
The Slavonice Fortification Complex – a museum complex that includes a total of 9 light objects that were part of the defensive line of Czechoslovakia in 1935–1938. The structures have been reconstructed to their original appearance, 3 of them are furbished with original equipment and weaponry.

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Maříž is a small border village about 9 kilometers from Cyklocamp pod Landštejnem and just two kilometers from Slavonice. Maříž became renowned because of the original ceramic workshop of Maříž, which is frequently visited by cyclists and where you can paint your own mug and take it home.

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The Jewish Cemetery

On the left side of the road to Cyklocamp pod Landštejnem there is a small and inconspicuous, but beautiful, Jewish Cemetery where just before sunset you can experience a truly unique atmosphere...

Golf Bystřice

Approximately 15 kilometers from the camp there is a popular golf course in Nová Bystřice. It is far from the noise of big cities and lies in beautiful countryside near the Austrian border.

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Shooting range

Nearby there is a shooting range with 14 stands for rifles and a shooting distance of 50 m. It is possible to shoot with.22 LR caliber rifles and handguns as well as all kinds of handguns (pistols and revolvers) with jacketed ammunition different types of test shooting and even historical weapons, under the conditions prescribed by the Firearms and Ammunition Act.